Friday, December 9, 2011

HoN 2.5 Sneak Peek

Heroes of Newerth 2.5 Sneak Peek

Kalamazoo, Michigan - After a year since the release of HoN 2.0, S2 Games has prepared a massive update in the continuing improvement in one of the most played games in the Dota genre. The changes are set to improve HoN's value as an eSport with a growing community brought about with the free to play system.

HoN 2.5 - 2011's biggest Heroes of Newerth Update

With the announcement of Dota 2's coaching system, S2 Games has rolled out a feature wherein new players can learn the game with the help of HoN veterans. HoN's mentoring system allows mentors to coach students 1-on-1 with the assistance of private text, voice chat and the cursor ping system.

HoN MatchMaking Tweak
Improvements in the new HoN MM system allows shorter queue times allowing HoN players to have more time playing and less time watching.

Live Game Spectating
Players can now instantly jump in and watch their friends playing in real-time as if you're watching them play live over their shoulder.

New Hero Avatars and Items
New Hero skins and Items have been introduced to the lands of Newerth. HoN 2.5 players can now experiment with the new items - Genjuro and Grave Locket. Shadowblade, Female Martyr, and Professor Repulsor alternate skins are now available in the HoN store.

HoN Aesthetic Updates
The HoN battlefield has new trees, creeps, and an overhaul of ambient sounds aimed to breathe new life into the HoN experience.

Heroes of Newerth 2.5 is a free update for all HoN players.

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