Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dota 2 Female Heroes

Dota 2 Female Heroes Wallpaper by ArtGerm

Singapore - Stanley Lau (ArtGerm) has combined his Dota 2 Lina, Crystal Maiden, Windrunner and Drow Ranger artworks into one wallpaper.

Click on the image to look closer:

Dota 2 Female Heroes - Crystal Maiden, Windrunner, Drow Ranger and Lina

Find out more about the Dota 2 heroes.


  1. Is it 4 times the same girl?

    1. nope xD Crystal Maiden, Windrunner, Drow Ranger and Lina

  2. I know, they all look the same. Always showing off cleavage when they're fighting, why? Too boring and played out

  3. wow, I never saw this before, both comments above are hitting the mark !

    Please follow their criticism

    Also, imo dota 2 models for females look ugly (their faces at least),

    Conclusion: slight redesign for faces, and costumes to reduce cleavage stereotyping and make them more ready for battle

  4. Critics man. I think you did an great job. Its how YOU perceived it, doesnt mean they represent what everyone else thinks but you took the time and effort to do it so I say kudos. keep it up

  5. the guys commenting above and breaking down the cleavage are gay.
    its cleavage to savage men in battles, distract them and pawn them!

  6. Look, it's a feminist stereotype for all females in all games. People just need to get over it because it's not going to change. I personally don't mind it, but sometimes it can be a little overboard, i.e. "Tera Online."
    I would rather have more feminist clothing for females then have them wearing masculine armor that people can't even tell if it's a girl.

    1. you know dota is not lol, wtf many sexy female character? grow up pls. do you think there alot female in war? and not using armor? rofl

  7. Agreed. April 6, 2012 6:00PM

  8. Replies
    1. More like Ice, Wind, Ice, Fire,
      lacking earth


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