Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DreamHack Winter 2011 HoN Tournament

Heroes of Newerth DreamHack Winter 2011

Jönköping, Sweden - DreamHack Winter 2011 will have a Heroes of Newerth tournament sponsored by MSI. One of the biggest Heroes of Newerth tournament to date will kick start on the 24th of November at 14:00, on day 1 of Dreamhack Winter.

DreamHack Winter 2011 HoN Tournament

Prize Pool: 300,000 SEK (44 100 USD)
Casters: HonCast

HoN Teams Attending:
1. Trademark eSports
2. Infused tT eSports
3. FnaticMSI
4. HonPortal
5. Frenetic Array
6. Reason Gaming
7. Online Kingdom
8. Druidz Omega
9. Lions
10.Team EZ

2 slots will be reserved for the BYOC winners.

- Exploiting bugs and glitches is not allowed.
- Backdooring is allowed
- No item restrictions

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