Monday, November 28, 2011

Dota 2 Beta Keys Release Number 10

10th Dota 2 beta key from

Bellevue, Washington - As one of the top 10 DotA / Dota 2 websites, was invited to the Dota 2 beta in September and was given multiple beta keys by IceFrog on the 1st week of October 2011. We've gotten 9 DotA players into the Dota 2 beta so far and for our tenth and final Dota 2 beta key, the Neutral Creeps will give it randomly.

How to get Dota 2 For Free
Unlike our past giveaways where impeccable English skills was needed, this will be a random Dota 2 beta key giveaway. You don't even need to answer in English.

Just follow these steps:
1. Go to this Facebook picture and tell us how you heard about Dota 2.
Format: (Steam ID) - Answer
2. Share the picture of the Dota 2 Beta Key Envelope.

3. You can also ask all your friends to "like" your comment so that it would be more be visible but this does not increase your chance of winning.

*Only those who followed all these steps will have the chance to obtain a beta key from the Neutral Creeps.

Once you win the Dota 2 key, you'll be enjoying the joys of testing the most awaited Valve game in history before anyone else.

Giveaway ends:
Draw winner will be announced on December 24, 2011 as a gift for Christmas.

Get the latest Dota 2 update from the Neutral Creeps:
Facebook | Neutralcreeps - Dota 2
Twitter | Neutralcreeps - Dota 2


  1. Is anyone else having problems commenting?

  2. W00t! Steam ID: cosmohart
    I found you by googling "Monarch HoN". You are the forth link on page 1! w00t gratz you

  3. tell me where I can get a beta key?

  4. steam id: [WFH] Zuan

    Found you through dota all-stars on facebook.

  5. Steam ID:headshot4862

    I heard about DotA from one of my clan mates and really would like to play cause I loved the DotA on war3

  6. steam ID: loukou1 I NEEDS ITZ~~!!!!

    me podrian invitar a dota 2
    feliz navidad a todos

  8. steam ID:aljosephtirol
    pls give me a beta key

  9. Saw this to late...:(
    steam id : barzuionut
    Maybe you still have some keys left.. or just invite

  10. Steam ID: joierbestur - playing most of time in DOTA 1


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