Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Virot2 Tinker Guide - Dota 2 Edition

Virot2 Tinker Dota Guide
This Tinker guide by Virot2 changed how Tinker was played forever
Side effects: Diffusal Blade, BKB, and Manta Style changes
Applicable on: Dota 2 Tinker

Are you looking for a Dota 2 hero that can:
a) teleport at will?
b) get every kill in a creep wave in three seconds?
c) permanently disable a single enemy hero?
d) make your opponents call your hero "as broken as 5.84b Medusa" while you transition to making them lose their entire base?

I. Virot2 Tinker Strategy Summary
Early game
Max the skills Missile and March, with one level of Rearm.
Build Eul's to defend yourself then rush Boots of Travel and Manta Style.

Mod game
You have become an insanely fast pusher - the fastest in the game aside from Keeper of the Light. Use the Boots of Travel to jump at all times to defend lanes with weak defenses and push lanes with a strong attack. As money rolls in, build uber-items like: Scepter of Divinity, Linken's Sphere, Radiance, and Eye of Skadi.

Late game
Tinker will be so strong that he can beat in combat any single hero, most pairs of heroes, and even some groups of three heroes. The enemy defense cannot last forever against an incredibly powerful foe who can teleport at will to defend or attack.

II. Stats and Skills of Tinker
Please refer to the Tinker Dota 2 guide.

Blast from the past - this guide was made for DotA 6.36b but it's core concept is still applicable in Dota 2.

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