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Monarch HoN Guide

Heroes of Newerth - Monarch Hero Guide
This is a HoN hero guide for Monarch.

HoN name: Monarch
Dota 2 hero equivalent: None
Affiliation: Legion
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Alternate Avatars: Queen Monarch

Monarch HoN

HoN Lore - Monarch:
Whereas the Moon Queen ruled over the night, the Monarch held dominion over day. And when her kin brought themselves into the fight against the Hellbourne, the Monarch herself pledged her hand to the cause..
Monarch HoN Hero Video Guide:

HoN Monarch Skills Guide

Monarch Skill 1: Crippling Pollen (Q)
Monarch assails target enemy's eyes with crippling pollen, causing it to be temporarily immobilized and silenced.

Monarch Skill 2: Chrysalis (W)
Monarch encases an allied hero in a protective chrysalis, allowing the target to withstand incoming damage and recuperate.

Monarch Skill 3: Noxious Cloud (E)
Monarch calls an expanding noxious cloud to slow and damage enemies.

Monarch Skill 4: Cleansing Wind (R)
Monarch releases a gust of wind that cleanses allies in a line and grants them bonus movement speed.

HoN Monarch Strategy Guide

Monarch Skill Build

1 - Crippling Pollen
2 - Chrysalis
3 - Chrysalis
4 - Noxious Cloud
5 - Chrysalis
6 - Cleansing Wind
7 - Chrysalis
8 - Crippling Pollen
9 - Crippling Pollen
10 - Crippling Pollen
11 - Cleansing Wind
12 - Noxious Cloud
13 - Noxious Cloud
14 - Noxious Cloud
15 - Stats
16 - Cleansing Wind
17 to 25 - Stats

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  1. CosmoHart's Monarch Super Support Item List:
    Demonstrated with this match: 70642936

    Runes of the Blight[0s]
    Health Potion[0s]
    Mana Potion[0s]
    Mark of the Novice[0s]
    Pretender's Crown[0s]
    Marchers[6m 35s]
    Striders[9m 53s] (to finish Striders)
    Scarab[12m 58s]
    Crushing Claws[12m 58s] (to finish Blood Chalice)
    Lifetube[16m 49s]
    Pickled Brain[19m 14s]
    Mark of the Novice[19m 14s] (to finish Ring of Sorcery)
    Amulet of Exile[19m 14s]
    Iron Buckler[19m 55s] (to finish Helm of the Black Legion)

  2. Monarch is basically a support hero. And I can't figure out the "support" part in the item build. I think it should go like this:

    Starting Items:
    Runes of the blight (x1)
    Health potion (x1)
    Minor totem (x2)
    ward of sight (x1)
    Courier upgrade

    Then the build goes on as normal for a supp:

    fortified bracers
    refreshing ornament
    ward of sight (as many as u can afford)
    ward of revelation (as many as needed)

    Then we finish astrolabe to keep supporting the team.

    End game items on monarch, if the match goes that far, should look something like this:

    Null stone
    post Haste
    Kuldra's sheepstick

    I won't recommend Ring of Sorcery, (except if ur laning partner is having a hard time with mana) cause monarch skills aren't that mana expensive and she has a very good mana regen. Kuldra's and Astro are very good items on any supp, but ofc they require a lot of farm, which u usually dont have. Defensive items are expensive for a supp and warding is something u must do, regularly, at any cost. Map control means ganking, avoiding being ganked, rune control and push capability, so be sure to be the one in charge of wards on ur team, cause thats one of the supp main tasks.


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