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Magebane HoN Guide

Heroes of Newerth - Magebane Hero Guide
This is a HoN hero guide for Magebane.

HoN name: Magebane
Dota 2 hero equivalent: Dota 2 Anti Mage
Affiliation: Legion
Primary Attribute: Agility
Alternate Avatars: Magus Bane

magebane hon

HoN Lore - Magebane:
A keeper of lost lore and a priest to forgotten gods, Magebane invokes unholy rituals to drain the energy of his enemies and turn it back against them. In less desperate times, heretics such as Magebane would have been burned at the stake, but this is not the first unexpected clemency brought about by the war against the Hellbourne.
HoN Magebane Skills Guide

Magebane Skill 1: Mana Combustion (Q)
On each attack, Magebane burns some of the target's Mana. The burnt Mana combusts, dealing additional damage to the target.

Magebane Skill 2: Flash (W)
In a flash of light, Magebane is able to teleport a short distance to a target location and buffs his allies resistance to magic in the process.

Magebane Skill 3: Master of the Mantra (E)
Magebane proves he is the master of the flow of Magic around him, limiting the speed enemies can control it while damaging them if they cast.

Magebane Skill 4: Mana Rift (R)
Magebane tears a rift in a target unit's mind, stunning it briefly. He then detonates the rift, dealing damage in an area around the target based on how much Mana the target has missing. The more Mana the target is missing, the higher the damage dealt.

HoN Magebane Strategy Guide

Magebane Skill Build

1 - Flash
2 - Mana Combustion
3 - Mana Combustion
4 - Flash
5 - Mana Combustion
6 - Mana Rift
7 - Mana Combustion
8 - Flash
9 - Flash
10 - Master of the Mantra
11 - Mana Rift
12 - Master of the Mantra
13 - Master of the Mantra
14 - Master of the Mantra
15 - Stats
16 - Mana Rift
17 to 25 - Stats

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