Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chaos Online - Korean Dota

Chaos 2 Online - Korean Dota 2

Seoul, Korea - While the Dota derivative called DotA All-Stars became popular in Europe and China, Dota Chaos became the most popular Dota map in South Korea after Eul stopped developing Warcraft 3 DotA.

Korean Dota 2
Korean Dota 2 stand-alone game

After over half a decade since it's inception, the Korean-made Dota derivative has gotten itself a stand-alone sequel - Chaos 2 Online.

Korean Developers Talking About Chaos (English Subtitles):

A subtle message for Valve's Dota 2:

Find out more about the Korean Dota 2 - Chaos II Online:


  1. Will there be in English version ? Korean games are awesome and i would love play this game.

  2. its fake i can't find a single screenshot of wc3 map in all the internet..

  3. Try the Korean Google

  4. Why they call the game Chaos?
    Now when yo search chaos wc3, you don´t see the map :(

  5. its only avalaible in korean n indonesian for now n its not DOTA 2 or such. just another RTS game. (korean) (indonesian)

  6. All servers (except Thailand server) are dead.


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