Saturday, September 10, 2011

Southeast Asian team becomes the new MYM

Singaporean DotA team becomes the new MYM

Singapore - After the departure of the European members of the DotA organization, MeetYourMakers has recruited the Gamescom 2011 third placers, Scythe Gaming of Singapore.

New Roster (MYM):

1. Han Yong Benedict Lim - hyhy
Country: Singapore

2. Daryl Koh Pei Xiang - IceIceIce
Country: Singapore

3. Wei Poong Ng - YamateH
Country: Malaysia

4. Joshua Tan - Tofu
Country: Singapore

5. Toh Wai Hong - xy-
Country: Singapore

6. Chee Jin Sheng Royston - Roy
Country: Singapore

While MYM's headquarters will remain in Leipzeg, Germany, MeetYourMakers is seen to save a huge amount of money by sponsoring a popular Southeast Asian DotA team.

Statement from Wei Poong Ng a.k.a. YamateH:
"I'm glad to once again team up with hy, especially under the MYM name. I believe it will be a great cooperation and I'm looking forward to the future with high hopes."

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