Thursday, September 1, 2011

OMNI goes into Beta

OMNI - 3rd Person Dota Game Opens Beta

Brisbane, Australia - Valhalla Studios has announced the opening of the beta testing phase for the third-person tactical Dota game, OMNI.

The premise of OMNI is that there are two sides fighting against each other and each side is constantly spawning armies to attack the enemy. These armies are quite large and the goal of the game is to help your army push through to the enemy base to win the game.

"If you ever played the Defense of the Ancients mod, this probably sounds very familiar to you. It's an excellent gameplay model and very fun."
-- Ian Underwood, Lead Designer of OMNI

OMNI is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the greatest warriors throughout history fight one final war to determine who is strong enough to pass into the next epoch.

The game takes the strategic and tactical elements of DotA and combines them with the action elements of a third-person shooter.

OMNI will be released for PC.

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