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Gabe Newell Dota 2 Hero Guide

Dota 2 Gabe Newell Hero Guide

This hero was designed by avid DotA fan, Fruxx.

Dota 2 name: Newell
DotA name: Gabe Newell - Hatbringer
HoN Counterpart: None
Affiliation: Neutral
Primary Attribute: Intelligence

Dota 2 Beta Screenshot of Gabe Newell:

"To stop a Gaben"

Dota 2 Lore - Newell:
Newell was a sentinel of the gates of Hurbard - a prison-fortress known for holding high-ranked prisoners of the war. When a small group of Claddish officers escaped the prison, Newell was sentenced to death. On the night before the execution, the demi-god Eul came in human form to free Newell in exchange for a favor - to find the Scepter of Divinity beyond the barren deserts of the Scintillant Waste. Rumor has it that the current bearer of the Scepter, Malichen will only give it up in exchange for hats - a Hurbard prison guard's hat to be exact.

Dota 2 Newell Skills Guide

Newell Skill 1: Hat Trick (Q)
Gabe Newell launches a flurry of hats at the target, causing them to lose half their current gold if hit.

Newell Skill 2: R U Still There? (W)
Drops auto-targeting turret in front of Newell, attacking enemies with funny quips (and bullets). Only attacks humanoids, not mechanical units.

Newell Skill 3: Annoyance Shield (E)
Passive. Reflects back silly and obnoxious emails about shirts or how long until Half-Life 3 is released, causing them to do half-damage.

Newell Skill 4: Delay (R)
Causes all heroes to be unable to attack, level, use abilities, or move until Newell feels like it.
With Aghanim's Scepter: Cooldown reduced.

Dota 2 Newell Strategy Guide

Newell Skill Build
1 - R U Still there
2 - Hat Trick
3 - R U Still there
4 - Hat Trick
5 - Annoyance Shield
6 - Delay
7 - R U Still There
8 - Hat Trick
9 - R U Still There
10 - Hat Trick
11 - Delay
12 - Annoyance Shield
13 - Annoyance Shield
14 - Annoyance Shield
15 - Stats
16 - Delay
17 to 25 - Stats

Help build this Newell guide.
What is your suggested Gabe Newell Hero and Item Build?


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  1. Sounds viable for the competitive scene.

  2. Whatthefuckamireading.jpg

  3. Implement this Dota 2 hero now!

  4. Hat trick too strong. Nerf pl0x

  5. maliken vs newell , MALIKEN OWNING!! hahahaha

  6. please make one for ice frog too. at least he deserves to be the stongest hero in dota 2, imba skills, imba stats. lol

  7. maliken will be laugh if he see this hahahaha

  8. IceFrog would be too imba

    Much more fun to see Gaben vs Maliken

  9. i want HoN heroes implemented into DotA 2 pls. except for deadwood

  10. half life 3? shit, thats gonna take forever. Im still hoping for hl2 episode 3 ):

  11. If they did this, my interest in Dota2 would go from non-existent to must buy. Killing things as Gabe Newell is very relevant to my interests.

  12. >What is your suggested Gabe Newell Hero and Item Build?

    Rush 6 Vanguards to make a Vangod
    Then 5 Battlefury

  13. The creator seems creating a nonsense hero. Lunch a hat, email about shirts, hl3 released and until Newell fells like it??? Wtf.

  14. Gabe Newell is Radiant part?
    So, IceFrog is Dire part?
    Make one for IceFrog ^^!

  15. Is hat trick based on mana or charges?


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