Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dota 2 Beta Keys For Sale

Buying Dota 2 beta keys left and right

With millions of DotA players vying for a Dota 2 key, the black market price for one has reached hundreds of dollars.

Are you willing to buy a Dota 2 beta key for 500 US Dollars?

Some postings of WTB Dota 2 beta key (Where To Buy) on eBay list the Dota 2 early access code at 500 US Dollars or more.

*eBay has removed some Dota 2 beta key auctions and buy now listings.

Tip for the huge Dota 2 fans?
Patience. Don't buy Dota 2 beta keys.
Join the several Dota 2 beta key contests being posted on the DotA forums.

Be updated with any possible future Dota 2 beta giveaways:
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