Monday, August 8, 2011

TyLoo wins the WCG China 2011 DotA tournament

TyLoo - WCG China 2011 DotA Champions

Shanghai, China - TyLoo has won the Chinese World Cyber Games 2011 DotA event by defeating Invictus Gaming.

TyLoo DotA Line-up:
kabu (Vengeful Spirit)
Awoke (Earthshaker)
Faith (Nerubian Weaver)
DD (Shadow Demon)
Hao (Lycanthrope)
Chinese WCG DotA 2011 tournament results:
2011 Chinese DotA champions: TyLoo
2nd place: Invictus Gaming
3rd place: DK
WCG China DotA 2011 Prize Pool:
1st: 3100 US Dollars
2nd: 1550 US Dollars
3rd: 770 US Dollars
Both TyLoo and Invictus Gaming will be competing in the 1 million dollar Dota 2 championships in Cologne, Germany.

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