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Heroes of Newerth DotA ports

HoN DotA Ports List

This is a list of all DotA heroes that have been directly ported to Heroes of Newerth.

Affiliation Names:
Sentinel (DotA) - Legion (HoN)
Scourge (DotA) - Hellbourne (HoN)

From DotA to HoN
Defense of the Ancients to Heroes of Newerth

Strength Heroes
Number of Strength heroes ported: 16

Admiral Kunkka has been ported as Gladiator.

Beastmaster Rexxar has been ported as Tundra.

Earthshaker Raigor Stonehoof has been ported as Behemoth.

Omniknight Purist Thunderwrath has been ported as Jereziah.

Rogue Knight Sven has been ported as Hammerstorm.

Stone Giant Tiny has been ported as Pebbles.

Treant Protecter Rooftrellen has been ported as Keeper of the Forest.

Clockwerk Goblin Rattletrap has been ported as Pharaoh.

Bristleback Rigwarl has been ported as Armadon.

Mogul Khan Axe has been ported as Legionnaire.

Lord of Avernus Abaddon has been ported as Accursed.

Lycanthrope Banehollow has been ported as War Beast.

Butcher Pudge has been ported as Devourer.

Slithereen Guard Slardar has been ported as Pestilence.

Spirit Breaker Barathrum has been ported as Rampage.

Sand King Crixalis has been ported as Magmus.

Agility Heroes
Number of Agility heroes ported: 14

Anti-Mage Magina has been ported as Magebane.

Dwarven Sniper Kardel Sharpeye has been ported as Flint Beastwood.

Juggernaut Yurnero has been ported as Swiftblade.

Lone Druid Syllabear has been ported as Wildsoul.

Moon Rider Luna Moonfang has been ported as Moon Queen.

Priestess of the Moon Mirana Nightshade has been ported as Valkyrie.

Stealth Assasin Rikimaru has been ported as Night Hound.

Vengeful Spirit Shendelzare Silkwood has been ported as Andromeda.

Bloodseeker Strygwyr has been ported as Blood Hunter.

Shadow Fiend Nevermore has been ported as Soulstealer.

Spectre Mercurial has been ported as Sand Wraith.

Venomancer Lesale Deathbringer has been ported as Slither.

Lightning Revenant Razor has been ported as Corrupted Disciple.

Faceless Void Darkterror has been ported as Chronos.

Intelligence Heroes
Number of Intelligence heroes ported: 18

Crystal Maiden Rylai Crestfall has been ported as Glacius.

Faerie Dragon Puck has been ported as Bubbles.

Holy Knight Chen has been ported as Ophelia.

Lord of Olympus Zeus has been ported as Thunderbringer.

Silencer Nortrom has been ported as Vindicator.

Slayer Lina Inverse has been ported as Pyromancer.

Storm Spirit Raijin Thunderkeg has been ported as Doctor Repulsor.

Ogre Magi Aggron Stonebreak has been ported as Blacksmith.

Shadow Shaman Rhasta has been ported as Pollywag Priest.

Bane Elemental Atropos has been ported as Succubus.

Death Prophet Krobelus has been ported as Defiler.

Demon Witch Lion has been ported as Witch Slayer.

Enigma Darchrow has been ported as Tempest.

Lich Kel'thuzad has been ported as Plague Rider.

Necrolyte Rotund'jere has been ported as Soul Reaper.

Queen of Pain Akasha has been ported as Wretched Hag.

Tormented Soul Leshrac the Malicious has been ported as Torturer.

Witch Doctor Vol'Jin has been ported as Voodoo Jester.

A total of 48 DotA heroes have been ported to HoN.

Hero Breakdown:
Strength DotA ports - 16
Agility DotA ports - 14
Intelligence DotA ports -18


  1. this is true except i wouldnt call hellbringer a port of warlock since the only spell they have in common is the ultimate

  2. All the heroes listed here can be found HERE because they retain the initial hero's game play or skill-set. For example Rampage - he's still the guy that disables for a long time, still the guy that gets damage from his MS, still the guy that can bash people around - let's not forget that he's the guy that charges you. Well now, unlike DotA, his charge isn't channeling, he has bash cooldown (7 sec I think, -1 second every 1000 units he moves), his movement boost and damage bonus can now be activated for -50 MS slow around him every 1 second for 5 or 6 (non-stackable) and his ultimate is completely changed - he can drag a unit for 5 seconds behind him (nice combo with charge, considering that he retains his MS boost for 3-4 seconds after he reaches his target or cancels his charge).

    Same goes for Warlock, he's the ranged magic nuker that amplifies damage done to enemies, has a damage over time nuke, can heal his teammates, and summons a big guy (with 1 second huge aoe stun, of course). In DotA, he had those Shackles (damage amp.), Power Word (400 damage/heal on enemy/ally), AoE channeling slow and summon-the-big-guy ultimate. Well, Hellbringer isn't very different - his 1st spell is a chain-nuke (10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80 damage every second) that jumps on 2 or 3 more targets after being cast (like Lightning chain...), his 2nd is called Dunno-what Shackles (single-target slow, 60% ms and attack speed with low manacost and cooldown compared to the debuff's longevity), his 3rd is an AoE debuff that reduces magic armor and grants any ally that damages those targets some of the damage dealt back as HP (40% or so, works with spells too - this is both the damage amplifying spell AND the healing mechanism I was talking about initially) and it's ultimate, 1 sec huge aoe stun, summons a Demon with high hp-reg and pure damage attack, except for the fact that this one has a AOE nuke he can only use twice (limited mana).

    I can't talk about every hero in HoN (atm), but if you want details about HoN's Heroes compared to DotA's, send me an e-mail @ and i'll gladly answer for you as fast as i can.

    NOTE: Most heroes in HoN are better than DotA's because they have improved abilities. Also, there are hero concepts based on some of DotA's heroes, that aren't listed here. Fayde is one of them. E-Mail me for details ^^

  3. HoN is moderately a good game, but LoL is definetely better. Played HON since open BETA till about 7 months ago when I learned about LoL, its a better dota-like game compared to HoN, overall LoL is more fun to play, more competitive, needs more skill and in-depth understanding of the game in the long run although the game is easy to play for beginners, also the graphic doesnt hurt your eyes!

  4. Tell me again please... How is hellbringer the guy who heals his teammates??

    - entirely different hero, even the ulti is different


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