Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garena HoN Official Launch

Garena Heroes of Newerth Official Launch

Singapore - After 10 months of beta testing, the free to play version of Heroes of Newerth has been officially launched by Garena in the Southeast Asian region.

"We think Heroes of Newerth is a wonderful game that is going to be one of the most popular games in the region. It has many advantages over DotA like exciting game play, reconnection, and fantastic graphics."
-- Weicheng "GG.MaRs" Zhou, Garena HoN Product Manager

Garena HoN Official Launch Features
With the launch of GarenaHoN, the following features have been added:

1. Match Making regions for Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines
2. Server categories separated into REG, Malaysia VIP, Singapore VIP and Philippines VIP
3. VIP system

Garena Heroes of Newerth uses the free to play model and derives its revenue from microtransactions.

Garena HoN VIP System
Players can purchase the VIP status in order to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Host low ping servers with the dedicated VIP servers
2. Golden shield
3. Taunt ability
4. Earlier access to new HoN heroes
5. Priority access to Garena HoN
6. More Matchmaking options

International Heroes of Newerth Players
Players who have pre purchased the international HoN version will receive the following rewards a week after the official launch of Garena HoN:

- Free 3 months VIP membership worth 20 US Dollars
- Free 1,000 Garena HoN Gold Coins worth 12 US Dollars
- Free Taunt worth 8 US Dollars
- Golden shield status

Expected Server Down time:
June 29, 2011 - 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM +8 GMT

Garena HoN is currently limited to players from Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam.

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  1. HoN is having so much problems now You should interview the gamers on how fail Garena is hahaha


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