Thursday, March 17, 2011

Garena HoN 2.0 Launched

Garena Heroes of Newerth 2.0 is now online!

- Garena has launched the closed beta version of Garena HoN 2.0. The patch contains new heroes, maps, the addition of an in-game store, matchmaking and casual mode.

Garena Shells can be exchanged for Gold Goblin Coins which can be used to purchase in-game items in Garena HoN 2.0.

How to purchase Garena shells:
1. Go to
2. Log-in to your Garena account.
3. Select a form of online payment, or purchase a Garena Prepaid card and enter its card number and password in order to add Garena Shells to your account.

The Garena shells can then be converted to Goblin Gold Coins by proceeding to Merrick's Store in-game.

Garena HoN Coins Conversion Rate:
100 Shells can be converted to 150 Coins
300 Shells can be converted to 480 Coins
500 Shells can be converted to 850 Coins

HoN 2.0 Trailer:

Garena HoN Beta Key Giveaway
Interview with GG.MaRs of Garena HoN


  1. can i have beta key plssss... im begging you.. pls give me atleast one beta key... i love HON pls... send to my email

  2. I need beta key..I am a HoN player before...please. Thanks in advance! =)

  3. can i have beta key for hon garena private use only. please email me.

  4. hmm i need beta key ..
    any one can send me at this e-add

  5. gm please lang naman penge naman kahit isang beta key lang huhuhuhuhu e2 p0 email k0 please lang p0wwwwwwww


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