Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mineski Drops Philippine DotA Teams

Manila, Philippines - Mineski, a cyber cafe from the Philippines has closed down its DotA teams due to their poor performance in the recently held SMM DotA 2010.

"I never felt that team is serious and is making REAL preparations for SMM."
-- Ronald "Rhom" Robins, Mineski CEO

"Today is the day an era ends. Today is the day where Mineski Infinity and Mineski Grounds are no more. I've managed them for six months, and hence today the Mineski management together with me and Rho have decided to let the team go. We would like to thank the players as we have shared and celebrated in our ups and downs. These teams were amongst the top and a part of the most successful teams in Philippines, and one that we will always remember. I hope that all of the players will continue fighting through these difficult times."
-- Marvin "Nattefrost" Lu, Mineski DotA Manager

Together with the dropping of the Dota squads, Ronald Robins has announced try-outs for a new Mineski DotA team that will be competing in 2011.

Interested DotA players are invited to go to the Mineski Grounds Cyber Cafe on January 4, 2011 at 8 in the evening. Official application forms can be downloaded from

Mineski Grounds Address
2nd Floor, D' Students Place Building, Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines.

How to get to Mineski Grounds:
Ride the LRT and go down "VITO CRUZ STATION"
The cyber cafe is in front of DLSU, above Tropical Hut.

Perks for Filipino DotA Players who become Mineski DotA players:
1) Team Allowance
2) Passport processing (For those DotA players who have no passports)
3) Opportunity for team sponsorships care of the Mineski DotA organization
4) Opportunity to compete in International DotA events

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