Thursday, October 14, 2010

DotA 6.69 Loading Screen Wallpaper

Dota 6.69 Loading Screen by Kunkka Download Now Available

Kunkka has finally released the wallpaper version of the Dota 6.69 Load screen.
As stated on the Dota 6.69 Changelog, Kunkka tried a different art style if you compare it to the vintage DotA Loading Screens.

According to Kunkka on Deviantart:

Trying out a new style here.
I've been getting mixed comments about the style and how this fits or doesn't fit with Dota.
The DotA 6.69 Wallpaper by Kunkka:
Official name: The Sentinels
Artist: Kunkka (
Categories: Digital Art,Paintings & Airbrushing and Fantasy

To download the image above, right click the image then use Save as...

Download The Sentinels 1400x1050 wallpaper (739.7 Kb)
Other downloadable versions: (DotA 6.69 Wallpaper at 900x675)

Do you think Kunkka's 6.69 work fits with DotA?


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  1. 6.69 loadingscreen totally cramped and fail in art;) liked the previous much more.kunkka go on a new project asap plz.

  2. I think this one was ok. Although not as epic as Kunkka's old Dota wallpapers.

  3. i like this wallpaper because it's different and new flavors.
    all wallpapers are nice actually. so, go home mr.marquardt. you don't know arts.
    arts is free. it's an art anyway. so learn to like it.


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