Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kebap leaves DotA to play HoN

Kebap of LAN retires from competitive DotA to play Heroes of Newerth - a DBG.

German DotA team Local Area Network has lost another player. LAN's exclusive support player, Rene 'Kebap' Werner, has today decided to leave the professional scene and his team, LAN, for the new DBG (DotA Based Game), Heroes of Newerth.

Kebap claims that he lost amusement in DotA, although he might consider returning for a second time in the near future. So Icefrog should release better patches more often.

LAN player Leon 'moods' Wolff was asked to give insight on the subject, mostly concerning his team's status as a result of Kebap's departure.

moods:We're searching for replacement who can fit into the supporter role.

And when he was asked how he feels that Kebap departed for HoN he gives the following statement:

moods: Speaking for me i feel stupid cause he was the one who convinced me to give dota another shot. But since eswc is at the horizon i decided to play on until end of 2010.

Will we see more competitive teams making the jump from DotA to HoN this year?
Is this the death of DotA?

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