Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Loda is now playing Heroes of Newerth professionally

Everyone in the DotA world knows SK.Loda from SK-Gaming.

Now he is on ButtonBashers (formerly Team Smackdown).
Not playing DotA anymore but playing the DotA based game touted as the next e-sports craze, Heroes of Newerth.

The team has been seen as a potential success in Europe and have played against teams in the United States and Europe.

One of the star players is Jonathon "Loda" Berg, known for his successful time in the SK Gaming DotA team. He brings along great experience at offline events.

ButtonBashers.HoN will firstly attend LANs in Europe then unto international events. The first event they are preparing for is the Multiplay iSeries 39 in April, with £1,000 at stack (£2,500 for 48 teams & £5,000 if 96 teams sign up).

Full HoN line-up of Button Bashers:
Josh "Blastbark" Lee
Jonathon "Loda" Berg
Marc "Polisen" Törngren
Niclas "Niqua" WestergÄrd
Konrad "kottfaerzoes" Jonasson
Martin "Mantisc" Holmqvist (Backup)

Now all we are waiting for is the legendary VIGOSS on HoN.
Wouldn't that be so awesome?

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