Saturday, January 30, 2010

DotA Replaced by HoN in Dreamhack

Dreamhack just released the game list for the their upcoming LAN event, Dreamhack Summer 2010. The list is out and it appears that the organizers have forsaken DotA.

Although no official reasons were given for this move by Dreamhack, it could be highly possible that the organizers felt that the game was losing its steam and popularity in Europe over the past few months.

S2 Games' stand-alone DotA based game, Heroes of Newerth has replaced the Warcraft 3 map in the event. Although the prize allocation has not been announced, the total prize pool for all four games below will mount up to 250,000 SEK (or 24,407 Euros).

Full game list:

Counter Strike 1.6
Quake Live
Street Fighter 4
Heroes of Newerth

What do you think about these guys? Will we see the same thing happening with other LAN events that used to have DotA?

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