Thursday, September 10, 2009

Farm4Fame Second Blood DotA Tournament

DotA League has a new DotA tournament coming up!

Yes it's back, DotA Geeks!

FARM4FAME Second Blood. The DotA tournament system mostly remains the same.
The most important changes for DotA League's tournament have been made in the allocation of points and the amount of participating teams which has been reduced from 32 to 16.

Eight DotA teams have already confirmed attendance for this DotA tournament:

Roskilde Ravens
Evil Geniuses
The Elder Gods
Razer.CGC Int
Fnatic MSI
MCiTY sGty
diamondZ e.V.
DTS Chatrix

Four more teams will be invited and the teams taking the remaining four spots will be determined via a qualifier in the form of an invite only mini-tournament.

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