Saturday, July 4, 2009

XTC will represent Singapore in DotA WCG 2009

Xtreme Chaotix has won the WCG Asia Singapore leg for DotA against GWSG|Axis.RSC.
It was a very close match.

The Road to WCG ASIA 2009 (Singapore)
GWSG|Axis.RSC 0:1 Eternity.XTC

GWSG|Axis.RSC 1:0
Team Little 0:1 Eternity.XTC

GWSG|Axis.RSC 1:0 Blue Feather
xEquality 0:1
Team Little 1:0 Team AltarEgo
fAzeTheMusic 0:1 Eternity.XTC

Prizes in the tournament:
* SGD 800 (US 550)
* 5 Samsung Preston Mobile Phones

* SGD 600 (USD 410)
* 5 Samsung 2233SW+ Monitors

* SGD 400 (USD 225)
* 5 Samsung Q2 MP3 Players (4GB)

Eternity.XTC will be representing Singapore at the WCG Asian Championship 2009.

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