Sunday, July 5, 2009

American DotA team EG wins Farm4Fame

Evil Geniuses of the US beat the Romanian DotA team, The Elder Gods.
Even with a big line-up change, EG Dota was never defeated in the duration of the whole tournament. They even beat world-renowned 2-0 in the Winner Bracket Round 1.

What is Farm4Fame?

Farm4Fame is a tournament by DotA-League gathering 32 DotA teams around the world. There were 10 short tournaments and one major finals played on the internet.

FARM 4 FAME was held over 20 weeks with 100 hardware prizes by SteelSeries and a pool of 3000 Euros at stake.

Here's a mini recap of the end stages of the FARM4FAME DotA tournament.

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