Friday, June 12, 2009

DotA All-Stars 6.60 Series Begins

After many months of waiting and after the DA-Icefrog split, DotA AllStars 6.60 has finally arrived.

As promised by Icefrog a few weeks ago, he said that DotA 6.60 will arrive on early June 2009.
Finally here it is plus with the release of DotA 6.60, comes out the release of the brand new official DotA AllStars website.

It can be found at

Neutralcreeps will now be redirecting all official DotA AllStars traffic to Icefrog's DotA website.

If you have not yet signed up to the official DotA website you should do so right now.

Here at NeutralCreeps, we will also feature content from Pendragon's League of Legends stained unofficial DotA website as we promised to do so a few months ago.

So, stop all that political DotA nonsense and let's get ready to play the new DotA AllStars 6.60 map, mate.

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