Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Malaysia vs Singapore 8888 DotA Tournament

Eight teams from Malaysia and Singapore have qualified for the playoffs, and the playoffs brackets of tournament have now been released and NeutralCreeps has exclusive scoop on this one.

Prizes for the NeutralCreeps on Garena sponsored tournament:
Champion : MYR 700 + 2 Months Premium Membership + 10000 EXP
Runner-Up : MYR 300 + 1 Month Premium Membership + 8000 EXP
2nd Runner-up : 2 weeks Premium Membership + 5000 EXP
4th placing : 4000 EXP
5th placing : 3000 EXP
6th placing : 2000 EXP

After few weeks of games, the Malaysia and Singapore 8888 Dota tournament is reaching its later stages, with the 8 top teams qualifying for the playoffs. They will compete in a single elimination with Best of Three (BO3) format. One of the popular teams called " 8mski " or formerly known as " mski.tbun " is still in contention for the overall victory but it's anyone's ballgame.

Malaysian DotA teams:
AI Gamers

Singaporean DotA teams:
Storia D`amore.GWSG

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