Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cinedota Video Contest Hosted by Garena

Wanna get the chance to win 200 USD?
Then this is the contest for you.

This is the Garena CineDotA Video Contest.
Oh great, another DotA video contest. As if we needed another one of those.

Anyways for those who are interested, here are the details provided by the Garena organizers.

Prizes offered:
Winner gets US 200
Runner Up: US 100

If the winner is a Garena User, he will also get the following stuff (which is worth something too):

Champion gets 50 Shells
Runner Up get 30 Shells
2nd Runner Up gets 20 Shells

DotA videos who reach 10,000 views on Youtube get 5 Shells each
Special Prize From the judges) (Only one enrty) : 30 Shells

For all other information about this DotA video contest, go to:

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