Saturday, March 14, 2009

SK.Loda joins a DotA team called MYM

Horrible horrible news!

It has been going around lately and now it has finally been confirmed.
Former team-leader of SK-Gaming has joined MeetYourMakers DotA.

Here are some excerpts of what Jonathan "Loda" Berg of Sweden said:

a) I was approached by Maelk some time ago and that was what made me thinking about a future in MYM.

b) When I left SK I don't want to be the leadertype in a serious clan anymore so I'll gladly join the ranks of the team that no one could possibly love.

c) I am THE best player in the world.

What do you guys think about Loda joining MYM?


  1. Loda isn't worth joining MYM because of point b) and point c)

  2. "I am THE best player in the world."

    KuroKy >>>>>>>>>>> Loda

    merlini loda maelk vs kuroky vigoss puppey

  3. Loda best player in the world. LOL. When they went to play the asians in eswc I can say that the best dota player in the world is from asia.

  4. we'll find the best dota player in the world someday..but not Loda..xD

  5. loda is the best!!!!i think he should stay in his team...

  6. there is no best player in dota..
    its just depends..


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