Sunday, March 22, 2009

Icefrog Updates on DotA Tavern Layouts

Looks like Icefrog is listening more and more to people's suggestions to improve the current hero selection process.

Here is the official statement from Icefrog himself:

One issue I'm debating right now is the current tavern layout. I am trying to improve it so that it is easier for players to quickly find their heroes and in small part to make more room.

There are a few different options, ranging from making just one tavern area and sorting by classes (3 taverns per class [9 total], and then making heroes available or not available based on the game mode) to other ideas like 5 taverns for each side [10 total] with Int/Str/Agi/Hybrid/Hybrid. Hybrid is a bit hard to define though and might not be intuitive for all players. Another option is to have 2 taverns for each class on each side [12 total], but that comes with its share issues as well.

Let me know what you guys think of these different options and if you have any other recommendations to consider.

Also, as I mentioned in the 6.59d change log, if anyone has any other suggestions for the things you would like to see in either 6.60 or the versions that follow, please let me know.

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