Monday, March 23, 2009

Icefrog Updates on DotA Rune Sounds

Rune sounds anyone?

Icefrog has been thinking about adding sounds whenever you take a rune.
Here's Icefrog's statement:

I'm hoping to add some team-only sounds in the next version for when an ally gets a rune (it would announce which specific rune it is that he got). This has been requested before by a lot of players, but the main problem is that I don't have any appropriate sounds to use for them right now.

I've tried some of the Quake/Unreal ones that people usually suggest, but they would require some modifications before they could fit in with the other sounds. If anyone has experience with sound development and can either adjust those ones to fit DotA or just make new ones send me an email. Also, if there are other sounds that you find online and think would work in DotA, let me know.

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