Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DotA Interview with Chinese Ehome 71

71 was interviewed after LOSING the recently held MGC 08.
Here's the interview.

I think they (Chinese fans) already know me, lets just start the interview, I will try to keep myself in a good mood.

So the most stunning news in MGC 08 is that your team got eliminated in the first round..

Yes but I think Fnatic first round lost is bigger news. We must try to bear with it, we can always speak when we win but when we lose, what we can do is shut up and let people comment on us. That is why our members did not log into the OG forum after MGC.

Before MGC EHOME members visit our forum everyday?

I think so, we are loyal fans of sgamer.com

Did EHOME train alot before MGC? Any training or analysis for any team?

We did not train too much, Snoy has some activities for 10 days after 820 and 357 came so the trainings are not systematic, we do not have any training plans at all. We have some time to play againts SMTH and CA in the last 3 days however it is no big deal at all because of the low skill level. We did not analyze any of our opponents because we already had a hard time to improve our own strategy and teamplay. I think the loss serves us well.

This means that the addition of 820 and 357 did not help in improving the team strength but moves the team backwards?

No, 1177 (820+357) treated MGC serious and wanted to do their best. But lack of training is really an important factor, no one should be blamed. There is no bad players, only bad teams.

Talking about bad teams, it seems that China teams could not perform well to make a come back in bad situation compared with foreign teams, especially Fnatic.

They play for the game, not for kills. They know what to and not to do. Fnatic, as our oponent is a strong team that we must respect. We sat together and watched 3 to 4 matches of Fnatic, they are the only one in the world that understand what is DotA before 6.56, impressive mental strength, teamwork and very professional. Although we were leading in that game versus Fnatic, but so what? Maybe we can say they are lucky because MYM and SK did not come and nobody can stop the Indonesians. I congratulate them, just enjoy the games!

When EHOME beat XcN in ACG08, you did not rate them so well, after Fnatic got them, their performance is not too good either, what do you think about their rapid improvement?

We have much to learn from Fnatic, their gaming atmosphere, systematic gameflow, is what we cannot compare to at the moment.

You guys left right after your lost againts Fnatic?

Haha, ya, they feel very upset, but the main reason is because they were starving. Only me and dc stayed to watch some matches. All of them went to the event to watch games in the 2nd day, we are just DotA students at that moment.

So what did you learn by spectating those games?

Not much but I guess we need some time to rearrange and improve the team.

Before the last game between CaNt and Fnatic I saw many people including dc surrounded CaNt, are you guys helping CaNt on their strategies?

I was leaving but I saw 1177 went over. Did dc go? I'm not sure, but we hope to keep the title in China.

When did you leave Wuhan? Did you stay around for some sight-seeing? Any upcoming events?

We left at the 2nd day. There are some LAN tournaments like SMM, IEF, WGT, we should be able to attend all these.

So how is the team? Still feeling sad?

We will meet up at 1st of Nov in Beijing and will have a meeting in the next day to conclude MGC and set up a new training plan, then we will have a conclusion. We must accept and learn from the failure. A good team will get to prove itself someday.

EHOME is staying and eating with other teams during MGC, anything interesting to share?

Actually we did not stay at the player hotel, we stayed at another hotel so not much communication between us and the other teams. About our own, 357's foot stinks and 820 had gastric pain, he can't even stand. GK bought a $50 Wuhan telecom top-up card and asked me why he couldn't top-up to his Beijing number. Snoy lost the hotel's slipper and I had to pay $5 for it, and more interesting is EHOME got eliminated in the first day of MGC.

Any communications with the foreign teams?

I had a short talk with the leader of Ks.int but I had a hard time understanding Russian-English. In short he is very professional and hardworking. About Fnatic, 5 of them stick together forever and they did not eat together with the other teams.

Any last shoutouts?

Thanks to EHOME's sponsors, Intel, Razer, Kappa, 99 Gaming, and the LAN centre that provide us training spot. And to our fans, please be patient, we will be back!

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