Wednesday, October 8, 2008 DotA team back with a complete roster

After the bitter loss of Dendi, GO[blin] and Axypa was left behind with an incomplete roster. Today Kingsurf has announced the addition of Horon and GunZ. adds the former Say Plz player Sorokin 'Horon' Sergeevich and the Rush3D ex-member Max 'GunZ' Williams.

Horon is known for the disqualification incidence in PriDe#4. He was playing for the Russian teams Say Plz and Siberian Doters, even though he was officially signed up on the roster of team maGe. As a consequence, both teams were disqualified and Horon was even banned from the tournament.

GunZ is well known in the DotA scene, he participated in many previous top teams like XsK, ScaF and Nethouse2000, lately in Rush3D. Besides he is showing his decent skills performing at IHCS.


The retirement of the three Ukrainian seem to come out of nowhere, within a day all of them left and joined DTS-Gaming without even telling me. We only need people who really want to play for, if they leave, I won't do anything to keep them. I'm also a bit disappointed how everything passed but we immediately discussed about the future plans. It was clear that we will not get stucked even though the situation felt a bit like a knockdown blow. Horon and GunZ were suggested mainly by Puppey and Jolie and I trust them so we will try out if it works. Horon is a good supporter whom we need desperately and GunZ is a decent team player together with Jolie as leader + Puppey and Azen as mature players, I'm quite sure the team will find back fast to their old shape if not becoming even better.


I'm really looking forward to play in this team. I have been playing with Puppey, Jolie and Azen for a very long time and hopefully we will be able to start winning some tournaments with a new and stable lineup! We haven't trained yet with all 5 of us but we are used to play together in fufu ninja wars and scrims so I look on the bright side. Everybody on the team already has a very good chemistry together with each other so it shouldn't take us long to start owning everything! The skill level is definitely there and I'm sure everybody will see a lot of us in the upcoming tournaments."

Current Kingsurf roster:

Clement `Puppey` Ivanov
Vlasislav `Azen` Morozyuk
Pepelyaev `Jolie` Vasiliy
Sorokin `Horon` Sergeevich
Max `GunZ` Williams

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