Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bogdan and JesseQ joins Gvision DotA

Here is a new update on Bogdan and JesseQ:

About two weeks ago the DotA team of SK-Gaming dropped one of their oldest members - Bogdan. Even though he seemed to lack train he claimed to be back to the scene soon. Furthermore he said that he won`t be able to play in one of the very top teams. Due to this the news of Bogdan joining Gvision together with the old school legend JesseQ is a real surprise.

Gvision just got the fourth place in the past FARM4FAME edition, even though they lost Zon and dropped Scream out of their team some time ago. Now with new strength they are surely a big threat for the top tier teams.

Statement by Gvision\InOurNa

The former SK player Bogdan and the legendary player JesseQ is back. Now in the team Gvision who recently finished 4 in farm4fame second round. With these two fantastic players Gvision will now aim for the top. We have a young and hungry team. So both JesseQ and Bogdan will fit in well with their experience. The lineup is as follow: Mighty, pepp3, PieLieDie, BenTzeR, Bogdan and JesseQ.

Team Gvision
Johan `Mighty` Lindqvist
Johan `PieD` Åström
Petter `pepp3` Nyström
Tobias `BenTzeR` Bentzer
Jens `jesseQ` Sjöbeck
Erik `Bogdan` Olsson

From the DotA-League

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