Friday, September 19, 2008

Wired Lounge: Path to DotA Greatness

Wired Lounge
Path to Greatness!!

WHERE: Wired Lounge - J.P Rizal St. PRC Makati City (front of McDo)

Number of players: 5-6 players - 1 reserve (with 1 pro player only or none)
Registration fee: 750?? and loser's pay for rental of computer
Number of teams: 12-16 teams only

Tournament Rules: - WCG rules
- Sharing of courier is allowed
- These following items can shared (void stone,consumables,ring of health/regeneration and town portal)
- Map - 6.54b or latest
- Mode - ap xl type w/ 4 bans
- Prize - TBA
- Map - will be posted soon!!
- Replays will be posted after the tournament (after 1 day)
- Finals - Best of 3
- Buyback is applicable
Stay tune for the updates!!

Post your team name and YM id if your interested..

1 comment:

  1. gusto ko makalaban c atan...

    ung maangas jan sa wired,,,

    abangan niu nlng OPENSKI..

    dadayo kame jan..


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