Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Split Second DotA Tournament


Open na po ung shop ko sa Las Piñas and I would like to host a 5v5 Newblood Tournament on September 27 (Saturday) 10AM Call time

ENTRANCE FEE : P500 + looser's pay (bayad talo 20/hr)
MAP : 6.54b
All heroes are allowed

Rules: XL 2 mode (4 hero bans / team)
Bans will be alternately done
Hero picks will be 1 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 1
Sharing is of crow is allowed
Backdoor is allowed
No sharing of items (rings, etc.)
Saves will be made after having a first blood, every 15mins of the match and also after important clashes or if any Barracks has been destroyed.
If ever any disconnections occur under 10mins, then the game will just be restarted.
all replays of this tournament will be posted here.

Teams that are interested to join, just drop by the shop located at Unit 2nd floor Rubetan bldg, 1 CV Starr Ave. Philam Life Village, Las Piñas City. (tapat po to ng Star Mall (Value Point / Fernandos) taas ng south star drug at katabi ng mercury drug) or post here in this format

Team Name:
Team Leader:
Contact Number:

40 Quad Core computers are available.
Punta nalang po kayo para mas ok and also this September 20 (Saturday) punta lang kayo sa shop ng 2pm onwards for 5v5 Dota practice pustahan walang minimum and walang maximum. Para sa mga gusto ng malakihang pusta, may team from cavite kami na papapuntahin just text early para ma set ang date. Also ung team cavite na un eh minimum nila is 5k ata kaya pwersahan na! pero for teams na gusto lang mag practice just drop by the shop kahit 100/head pwede na! punta lang po!

Ill try to monitor this thread as often as I could kaya dont worry.
Just text the following numbers for any concerns regarding the tournament or for pustahan reservations / set this saturday

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