Monday, September 15, 2008

Genuine DotA quotes (Funny Compilation) Part 1

Thanks to ike_ike and all the contributors

The Dark Seer predicts that whenever you play these heroes, you suffer at least one of the below mentioned symptoms.

Mortred: You get the feeling your friends don't notice you. Then you realise you shouldn't have gotten Blur

Tormented Soul: People tend to avoid you. Perhaps turning off Pulse Nova will help.

Ye Olde N'aix: Your favourite spell is Rage. 'Nough said.

Meepo: You have a tendency to be with your friends. When your friends die, it cuts you reeeeal deep.

Rikimaru: You feel invisible, and no one notices you.

Invoker: Using your ultimate will lead to great things. Until then, have fun with triple Quas

Doombringer: You tend to get hungry every 30 seconds or so.

Silencer: You just don't like noisy people.

Earthshaker: You LOVE crowds.

Axe: Knows alot of phone numbers

Balanar: Waking up at 6 pm every day and staying up all night is bound to have consequences. Get a real job.

Panda: You feel split...Cut down on the beer.

Lion: The touch of your finger is deadly

Huskar: you're an emo obsessed with burning spear

Juggernaut: You will constantly feel dizzy. Don't let it impair your combat.

Tidehunter : You're good at your ballet classes

Razor: plain razor isn't enough - you need an electricity charged one

Bloodseeker: you're close to being a vampire

Terrorblade: Impersonators are part of your life. Learn to live with it, and perhaps you may be able to steer them to use.

Tiny:hard as a rock.

ogre magi: your headaches are twice as bad as the ones of other people

Sniper: You're feeling excluded and distant. Try to get closer to your friends, but not too close.

Lycan: Every dog has their day, and you lust learned some new tricks.

Crystal Maiden: You fail completely at sports; you can't run at all, you're slower than the crippled person, and whenever you try and throw an object, it takes you a second just to lift it and then you throw it pathetically slow. Maybe football's not the best idea.

Sniper: Get a new pair of glasses, because chances are you're getting more farsighted by the day.

Furion: So much for being an environmentalist, you destroy trees to create an army.

Crow: I surprise dagon.

Morphling: Always wishing you could BE someone else.

Vengeful Spirit: Always wishing you could TRADE PLACES with someone else.

Terrorblade: Always wishing you could TRADE LIVES with someone else.

Tiny: You are so small compare to others at the moment, but you'll get there someday...or perhaps even greater

Broodmother: You're pregnant.
Insatiable Hunger, Spawn broodlings


  1. DOTA vs Girlfriend:

    Si DOTA isa lang sa mundo, GF napakarami niyan.
    Si GF iiwan ka din niyan, si DOTA hindi.
    Si GF nagagalit pagnagdodota ka,
    si DOTA hindi nagagalit pag nagGF ka.
    Si DOTA P20 lang masaya na,
    si GF baka P200 hindi pa masaya.
    Pag nakakakita ka ng ibang Hero hindi nagagalit si DOTA,
    pero pagnakakakita ka ng ibang babae nagagalit si GF.
    Si GF pag iniwan mo mahirap na balikan,
    si DOTA pag iniwan mo, handa ka parin tanggapin.
    Ano mas gusto mo DOTA o GF?
    Mag-isip ka na....
    GIRLFRIEND: Bakit ang DOTA ba maroromansa ka?
    DOTA: Bakit mabibigyan ka ba ng GF ng tripleng sarap pag naka triple kill ka?
    GIRLFRIEND: Bakit ang DOTA ba kayang kompletuhin ang pagkatao ng isang lalake?
    DOTA: Bakit kaya ba ng babae gawing GODLIKE ang isang lalake?
    BUT they have one thing in common
    Yun ay lagi silang anjan pag may problema ka.
    Pag natalo ka sa pustahan sa DOTA sinong magpapasaya sayo, si GF di ba?
    Pag nagkaproblema ka naman sa GF sino magpapasaya sayo, DOTA di ba?



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