Saturday, September 27, 2008

EHOME.DotA Roster Changes

EHOME.DotA announced today the release of Longdd and 2009 due to internal problems. Longdd, a well known "troublemaker", is rumoured to be joining Ct, as Longdd has occasionally been seen practicing with his hometown team Ct. However, 2009 is set to go inactive in order to continue pursuing his studies.
On the other hand, EHOME.DotA had recruited former CaNt players, 820 and 357. In an interview with EHOME team manager, 71 says that these roster changes will be the first step taken by the team towards becoming world's best.

EHOME new roster:
Dong "DC" Can (Captain)
Zhao "Snoy" Kang
Zhang "GK" Wenli
Zou "820" Sword
Yao "357" Yi

For those that do not know who EHOME is, they are one of the top DotA teams in China and probaly also the most known chinese team internationally, also EHOME is seeded in Prime Defending #11 and ranked 6th in the Dust-Off World Rankings 2008. Their outstanding performance of retaining their title in WCG Asia 2008 taking down tournament favourites such as 2nd placed team MCC and fnatic, made them a team to watch out.

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