Monday, September 22, 2008

DotA Line-ups for Samsung King of the Hill 3

These are the teams that have already registered for Samsung King Of The Hill three, please check your mail for a profile update form and send it back by September 24 2008 :

-Team Zenith
-Team Evo.XtC
-Team One Second Late
-Team PMS|NyX
-Team Dn*
-Team Yakuza
-Team CyberTime-Gov
-Team Radio Wavezxz
-Team Ragnarok.Rsc
-Team Hoo-Haa
-Team ???
-Team Impreza
-Team DA.FTW
-Team Arty.sta
-Team DNAĆ¢€™SK
-Team Synergy
-Team Valence
-Team Glow 1
-Team FateS
-Team fAzeTheMusic
-Team rN Gaming
-KingSurf gaming
- Mineski
- eXs
- Xenogear
- Redwings
- EtERN|ty
- x3n
- uPlay
- LtsRck
- BackSpace
- mKvL1.
- Anytime
- teletubby
- Shoot
- sohai
- TouchMeNot
- TheBurningLegion
-First to Last
-Snp Bicol
-Death Tavern

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