Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bayantel Hometown Battle DotA

Bayantel Hometown Battle DotA
I. Introduction:

The Garena Philippines - Bayantel Hometown Battle is a gathering of Philippine BAYANTEL subscriber teams who are willing to play competitively with other BAYANTEL teams from across the country.

All games would be played online via Garena Client.

II. Registration:

- Any team that has BAYANTEL ISP connection and are in the Philippines (this is to insure less latency problems). - Awarding of prizes are "contribution based" which means that those 5players who played the most for the team would get the prize (based on number of games played, kill-death ratio per game etc.) regardless if there are subs who played for the team in the absence of the 5 main players.

III. Competition Flow

This trial season will last 1 month at the most.

This season will run on a Single Elimination round

Only 16 teams will be accepted for this Season.

The brackets will be posted on the Bayantel Hometown Battle site

IV. Tournament Rules

Game Version
Warcraft TFT v1.22

Map Version
DotA Allstars 6.52e (Banned hero: Invoker)

Venue and Game Time
Leagues > War3 RPG > Garena Community Tournament Room 4 Game time depends on the teams concerned unless scheduled by admins

All games MUST be played on Garena Client.

Match Length:
If the game lasts more than 2 hours, Admin/Marshal(s) will have the right to stop the game and make the final decision of who is the winner through viewing the replay.

---Match Winner---

The team who destroys the opponent's Frozen Throne/World Tree first, or if the opponent surrender.

Champion: 45 days Premium & 10k EXP,
1st Runner Up: 1 mo Premium & 8k EXP,
2nd Runner Up: 1 week premium + 6k EXP)

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