Thursday, August 14, 2008

Interview with MaNia: 'It's just a lategame war now'

Can you tell us some basic information about your self, name, where you come from, who you play for and favorite ice-cream flavor?:)
My name is Brian Strandby and im from the small country Denmark. My favorite ice-cream flavor is chocolate :D I play for MYM :)

For how long have you been playing dota? Have you ever got bored and considered switching to a different game or dota still entertains you?
I think I’ve played dota about 2-3 years now, started out as some relax games when I was not playing the normal wc3 ladder. Haven't really considered switching games, because dota still keeps me entertained. Dota is a really time consuming game, so I don't really have time for anything else if I still want to keep up with my studies and irl friends :)

What kind of heroes you play? Which is your favorite hero and why? Which hero and what Item you consider being the most overpowered in 52e? What would you change in next versions if it was up to you, give ice frog hot tips for the most necessary changes from your point of view.
I mostly play ganking/initiate heroes for the team. I love playing pudge so hes definitely my favorite hero. dunno if there's an overpowered item, but bkb is really good, and lothars also rocks :) my tip for icefrog is balance brood :D

Yeah, when talking about imbalance brood simply has to be brought up. What about tb? There was a poll at about the most imbalanced hero of 6.52e and Tb won it by very few votes, nevertheless still did. Do you consider Tb being overpowered? What about meepo? We often see meepo in asian clans, have even seen it as a counter to brood. Is meepo imba to or is it just my delusion
dont think meepo is that imba, at least hes not used much here in europe but I've seen meepo being very popular in asia. tb has already been nerfed in the newer versions, so I don't think he needs more nerfing.

What about Priestes of the moon? I can t recall of hero picked more than this one. What is so special about this seductive elf rider?
potm is good at ganging and he is a good laner and lategamer too, so that's why hes picked that often.

Was there anybody you looked up to when starting at pro lvl? Is there anybody like that atm? Who is the best player in your opinion by any means, for example I like vigoss as for him being always greedy:D
When I started dota, there wasn't any pro dota in europe, it was only in the US there were sponsored teams like coL and apex. So I looked up to the players from coL, and I watched their replays. That was at the same time I joined BTo after jacob invited me. I have no favorite player, but I look up to all my teamm8s..

What about the Eu, US and Asian clans? Is it much of a difference facing them or it can t be generalized ?
its hard playing vs Asian teams, because of the delay, so I look forward to playing against them on lan. Asia also use a lot different lineups than euro, so its fun playing against such lineups

Do you like the changes that occurred within 48b and 52e? I suppose that 48b suited MyM better according to absolutely dominating this version along with VP and SK but I want to hear your opinion.
yea its really two very different versions when you look at the playstyle. its just a lategame war now, which can make games very boring to look at since there's so much farm.

Got the same opinion, is it all caused by the dagger nerf?
yes the dagger nerf is the root to these different playstyles. It makes it harder to move around on the other half on the map without the escape possibility dagger gives you.

In 48b you were quite well known for your tiny, how come we don't see you playing him anymore?
tiny is a ganger hero and its hard to gang without dagger in this version. we still used him a bit in the start of this version, but now we need to take strong tanks/lategamers as melee heroes.

So, you think it s step back?
not really its just a new sort of playstyle.

What is so special about MyM? Why have you joined this clan and not the other and why have you stayed with this clan for so long, is it because of the skill of the players, team spirit or is there any other reason?
well we were named JoY before we turned into MYM, so when we got sponsored by MYM, we of course changed our clan tag :) I've stayed in MYM this long because I'm good friends with all of them, and they are all really skilled, so I like playing in this team.

Which player is taking the game most seriously and in spite of that, which is taking it most lightly and is the most funny one?
I would say that Maelk is probably the one that is the most serious, and it's definitely Hanni that is taking it the most lightly. Although hanni also has a serious side. The most funny one would maybe be pusher, but that's also because I've known him the longest and we can make internal jokes.

could you please shortly describe your teammates if possible?
Maelk – strategist, leader,farmer and can carry with almost every hero.
Merlini – our solo player, plays mostly aggressive heroes, where he can run around and rape everyone.
Fear – also a really good strategist and mainly plays our carry/solo.
pusher – wardwhore/supporter/team player
hanni – can play any hero and do really well with them, always gets items.
slahser – never gives up, almost never dies with whatever hero he plays, and is really good at ganging too when he sets his mind up for it.

How much hours a day you train? Can you give some recommendations to the „newbies“ how to improve their play ?Is it all about training or is there more to it to become a pro gamer?
Hmm its very different, sometimes I can play a whole day, and some days I don't even play. If you wanna be good at dota, its mostly playing games, and playing games with someone you can learn a bit from. Its also about running into the right people at the right time, like I did with Maelk and BTo.

// Interview made by IamEvolution

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