Thursday, August 7, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.53

* Added a new Sentinel Hero (Goblin Clockwerk)
* Localized script text to allow cross-language compatibility
* Completely reworked and improved the way RD hero picking is done
* Imported a temporary rune model to replace the default one until the death animation in 1.22 is fixed (thanks PGRu-Unexpect3D)
* Reworked Lycanthrope a bit

* Removed the "undroppable while in cooldown" mechanism added a long time ago to prevent item abuses. This mechanism is no longer needed as of Warcraft patch 1.22
* Improved Fire Panda's movement speed per level
* Observers and replays now see a $ symbol above a dying creep when a player gets gold for killing a unit
* Improved Drow's Marksmanship slightly
* Increase AOE on Dispersion
* Lowered Soul Keeper's base movement speed and increased cast point
* Improved Stifling Dagger
* Improved Open Wounds a little
* Decreased Mana Void's cooldown
* Lowered Infest manacost

* Fixed a minor bug with the order of the heal and damage operation on Purification when combine with Aphotic Shield on a nearby enemy
* Fixed a bug with Magic Immunity and Haunt
* Fixed a bug with Song of the Siren and Berserker's Call
* Fixed a bug with selling Aghanim's Scepter
* Fixed a minor bug with Soul Assumption and buying items
* Fixed a bug with Magic Immunity and Strygwyr's Thirst
* Fixed Berserker's Call interaction with Neutrals at night
* Fixed Stout Shield hotkey conflicting with Kelen's Dagger in the Goblin Shop
* Fixed a bug with Shackles and Berserker's Call
* Fixed a bug with Magic Immunity and Sand Storm
* Fixed Mana Leak to not trigger off of Exort/Quas/Wex
* Fixed -ah for observers

* Added Tavern colors (218144)
* Added a new blink animation for Antimage
* Improved Magic Missile cast effect (170262)
* Added a visual effect for when Dispersion is damaging units
* Improved Shapeshift animation (186555)
* Improved Chaos Knight's Blink Strike cast effect (222605)
* Added new icon for Ethereal Jaunt (227376)
* Added a visual effect when Necrolyte regains mana with Sadist
* Swapped icon positions of Sange and Yasha in the recipe shop
* Added a new Balanar hero story (by Grujah.Noob)
* Added a new Lina Inverse hero story (by Wyvernoid)
* Added a new Medusa hero story (by Inferno[DK])
* Added a new Sand King hero story(by Yousuckatdota)
* Added a new Shadow Priest hero story (by miel09)
* Added a new Warlock hero story (by Inferno[DK])

This version marks the first official simultaneous multi-lingual release. The first round of translated languages includes Russian, Korean and Chinese. More will be added over time. I'd like to thank Danat and DonTomaso for their dedication and support to this project. This would not have been possible without their contributions. Thanks to the following translators for their work as well: Aschen, Heintje, Etc., RiiNoA, zhangx05053, Sodoes, NightMare, Attly, c.lucifer, Orange_soso, Kua, Kaka, Sprite93, Danat, Vizakenjack, Lego-, Magot, PeaceHeaver, ill-Lich, Kariy, ptizza, Vanger, John Doe, CuPaKy3, Johny

The main feature of these translations, aside from being translated of course, is that the maps are compatible with each other. That means, I can have only the English version on my computer and then join a game where the host is using the Russian map without needing to download it. The Russian players will see the language of the map they downloaded, and I will see my own language. The core game code is what is used to authenticate the map as official and the strings are externalized from this. The same is true for replays. You can watch any 6.53 replay, regardless of the original language, using only your one map. This will make sharing replays worldwide a seamless process.

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