Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.29

* Added -shuffleplayers(-sp, rearranges the players)
* Added -csboardon/-csboardoff to toggle a board that displays -cs stats
* Some improvements to the way Abaddon's abilities work.
* Fixed various voodoo restoration bugs
* Fixed a few phase bugs
* More Netherswap abuse fixes, can no longer swap from an unpathable area.
* Improved all randoming code (was very inefficient in -dm -ar and caused some lag)
* Fixed a bug with Freezing Field and caster units.
* Fixed some issues with sprout sometimes pushing the hero out.
* Chaos Bolt does some random damage now.
* Fixed Tormented Soul's Lighting Storm lvl 4 mana cost.
* Fixed a typo on lvl 3 scepter death ward
* Restored original V hotkey for mana void.
* Fixed a bug with Crippling Fear that did not cause the target to miss.
* Fixed some counter helix bugs against song of the siren.
* Fixed a bug with neutral wolves requiring food (thx m-hehl)
* Fixed a few bugs with berserker call including moving cycloned units
* Brain Sap no longer has a short channel requirement/bug.
* Fixed a minor bug with VS base hp, adjusted str to make it same as usual.
* Lone Druid, Nevermore, Morphling and Mercurial Attribute Bonus now show up as a +bonus
* Searing arrows mana cost increased by 3.
* Slight improvement to the Void's model movement animation on timewalk
* Fixed Berserker's Call exploit on roshan.
* Added buff icons to direct vengeance as well as Haunt.
* Changed how Death Ward works a bit. (This may not be a permanent change, its still under debate)
* Redid a lot of nightstalker code to fix some old perm night effect bugs.
* Fixed PA to properly autorefresh (hopefully!)

Thanks again to the beta testers who are active.

**This was released before the new sent heroes could be finished because of
the wide spread axe-roshan abuse. They will be included next version.

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