Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.27b

Vast improvements to CustomKeys.txt compatability (see link when forums return)
Fixed a Deathmatch Allrandom issue with getting more heroes than opponents
Mana Burn on necronomicon moved to the other unit
Fixed chaos bolt and crit using same learn hotkey
Fixed losing the items on spirit bear in DM
Fixed some issues with crushing wave causing a unit to be stuck in trees
Fixed mekansm tooltip issues
If a target is swapped into trees, those trees are destroyed (to help against some swap abuses)
Fixed berserker call affecting a shackled unit
Fixed a bug with -movespeed on tiny when he uses grow and morphling with adapt
Fixed some old issues with charge of darkness and netherstrike
Many typos fixed (Thanks to Ronan for his many reports)
Fixed some sleep issues with lightning bolt and chainfrost on a chronosphered unit
Spirit bear pathing issues fixed.

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