Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.13

-New hero: Strygwyr, the Bloodseeker
-Much faster game loading
-Viper gains new ability
-Darkterror gains new ability
-Reduced hero selection lag
-Recoded Avalanche to remove the channel requirement bug
-New command, -matchup, Displays the opponents hereos (incase you missed them
at start)
-Tweaked Ursa a bit
-Improved Multicast
-Slightly increased enchantress str per lvl
-Decreased decryp cooldown by 2 seconds
-Increased pugna attack range from 575 to 600 and int per lvl from 3.75 to 4.00
-Tweaked midlane neutral creeps to help against creep redirection
-Fixed issue of seeing scourge ss from midlane
-Increased KOTL attack range by 50
-Reduced cooldown/manacost on enchant totem
-Tweaked around some greater bash values
-Slight manacost reduction on doom
-Increased duration of Sprint on slardar
-Morphling's Morph costs mana once again
-Nerfed weaver str gain slightly
-Fixed the movement of various heroes in the tavern when a hero gets taken
-Necronomicon and Maelstrom price tweaks
-Fixed Unstuck to work off map limits
-Fixed game end to only trigger off the first victory (incase two are close to winning same time)
-Maelstrom tooltip typo
-Fixed shroud of flames bug where the flames would damage structures
-Fixed some faulty animations on charge of darkness stun
-Old Vengeful Spirit soundset restored
-Tweaked Mana Leak slightly
-Fixed issues with unstuck hotkey
-Fixed typo on Naix's Poison Sting
-Fixed a typo on Centaur's Return
-Changed Dragon's Blood and Unholy Fervor tooltips to reflect actual hp regen
-Mana leak buff typo
-Fixed Sange recipe typo
-Fixed Buriza sell cost
-Added Pacifism hotkey
-Added nonconflicting reveal hotkey
-Fixed some Dark Ritual issues
-Improved the text on many buffs
-Fixed MANY other misc typos and glitches
A few hero remakes (silencer, chen and visage) were made in 6.13 but disabled near end of the beta cycle due to some reconsiderations. They will most likely appear in the near future.

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