Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DOTA Changelog 6.12

-Mac issue improved a bit
-Increased mana cost per level on leo reincarnation
-Removed many rocks that stopped certain spells from working and caused unit blocking
-Doom less damage/duration but alot less cooldown also
-Fun hero Tavern created (invoker and techies moved there) use "-fun"
-Invoker's Reagents small mana cost removed
-Invoke cooldown decreased from 15 to 12
-Fixed deathmatch win condition error
-Feast percentage reduced, but feast no longer orb effect (like he used to be)
-Poison sting duration decreased from 3 to 2
-Tweaked bount hunter's ww
-Tweaked all of clinkz abilities a bit
-TB meta attack range from 575->500
-Nerfed str per lvl from 2.4->1.9 on tb
-Improved loading a little bit (like it was in 6.09b)
-Improved lag issues on enchantress heal
-Changed backtrack animation (helps with lag issues also)
-Stout shield cost is now 300
-BKB related fatal error issue fixed
-Shroud of flames reworked
-TDA Rules updated
-Buffed damage on sand storm a little
-Some misc typos
-Tweaked leoric skills a bit

Old heroes may make appearances in the fun tavern
Invoker will be in the fun tavern for a version or so
This release is geared towards being the tournament version

In response to questions/comments:
Just because a heroes moved to this tavern doesn't not mean in any way that he won't make it back. It is mostly temporary. Most new heroes will also make a stop there for a version before coming to main, to help map stability.

A hero with 27 abilities should have been placed in this type of tavern to begin with. He isn't moved here due to balance, its due to potential bugs, as with any hero with 27 abilities may have. After a version or so, he will be restored. Don't worry

He was NOT moved because he was imbalanced, he wasn't. He was also not moved due to "newbs crying" like some of you put it. Most of the people who had a say in him being moved were highly skilled recognized players in the community. He was moved instead of removed completely because there are still techie lovers. I will consider a -nf mode that some of you suggested for a future version.

I don't think he was or is too str

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