Monday, July 28, 2008

DOTA Changelog 5.76

Lesser Clarity Potion cost reduced to 45 from 52.
Flask of Sapphire Water cost increased to 400 from 375, and also is now a non-combat consumable.
Headdress of Rejuvenation cost reduced to 1075 from 1275 due to recipe going to 550 from 750.
Burize-do-Kyanon damage increased to +96 from +71.

Hero changes:
*New Heroes (Sentinel): Keeper of the Light, Tinker, Ogre Magi.
*New Heroes (Scourge): Necrolyte, Pudge 2.0, Sand King.
*Drow Ranger's Marksmanship improved from 5/10/15 to 10/15/20.
*Tidehunter's ultimate changed to an impale-like attack. Anchor Smash damage increased.
*Bane Elemental's Brain Sap weakened. Nightmare durations reduced.
*Bounty Hunter's Track now gives half the money it used to, but that part of the ability is now passive.
*The AC/Sight part works the same.
*Phantom Assassin and Chaos Knight's blink strike replaced with blink.
*Balance Changes (Unchecked/Unsure on change): Dragon Knight, Zeus.

Other changes:
*Whole bunch of cosmetic tweaks.

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