Monday, July 28, 2008

DOTA Changelog 5.72

*Crystalys cheaper. 3200 from 3400.
*Mask of Death cheaper. 900 from 1500.
*Mask of Madness cheaper. 1900 from 2500.
*Quarterstaff cheaper. 1150 from 1400.
*Butterfly cheaper. 6150 from 6400.
*Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse cheaper. 4275 from 4525.
*Oblivion Staff cheaper. 1925 from 2175.
*Refresher orb cheaper. 5575 from 5825.
*Helm of the Dominator cheaper. Recipe change. 2550 from 2660.
*Netherezim Buckler more expensive & costs more to use. 3000 from 2950. 100 mana from 80.
*Burize-do-Kyanon more expensive & improved critical. 6500 from 6000. 20%/2x critical from 15%/1.9x.
*Null Talisman more expensive & improved. 550 from 325. +3 to all stats from of +2, and +1 armor bonus from +0.
*Monkey King Bar more expensive & improved. 5650 from 5500. +75 damage from +65 damage.
*Headdress of Rejuvenation more expensive. 1325 from 1175.

Hero changes:
*Changed Nature's Guise slightly.
*Changed Take Aim.
*Changed Rootfallen's ultimate.
*Changed Broodmother's Incapacitating Bite.
*Changed Stealth Assassin & Broodmother's invisibility.
*Changed how Syllabear's pet can move.
*Improved Assassinate
*Improved Doom.
*Improved Pugna's Morbid.
*Improved Faceless Void's evasion.
*Nerfed Drow Ranger's ultimate.
*Increased cooldown and mana cost slightly on Mass Serpent Wards & Freezing Field.
*Fixed some Spellsteal issues.
*Fixed Eclipse.
*Fixed troll's melee form from bashing towers.
*Fixed Blink Strike.
*Scattershot & Light Strike Array no longer hits buildings.
*Death Pact & Dark Ritual no longer useable on Syllabear's pet.
*Bounty Hunter and a few others can attack air units.

Other changes:
*Frozen Throne no longer attacks.
*Roshan is harder and has a damage return on melee units.
*Fixed a few tooltips.

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